[aka Uwa, U'wa, U'w Cuwa]

Classification: Chibchan



Language metadata

Uwa, U'wa, U'w Cuwa, U'w Kuwa, Sínsiga, Cobaría, Tegría, Pedraza

Chibchan, Magdalenic

ISO 639-3

tbn, tnb, tnd, tuf

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Ethnologue gives 4 Tunebo languages (in a subbranch of Chibchan they call Cundicocuyese):
Tunebo, Angosturas [tnd]
Tunebo, Barro Negro [tbn]
Tunebo, Central [tuf]
Tunebo, Western [tnb].

Others have only one (see Constenla Umaña 2012).

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