[aka Vod, Vot, водский язык]

Classification: Uralic


critically endangered

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The Votic language belongs to the southern group of the Baltic-Finnic languages and is the closest relative of the Estonian language. Western, eastern (main dialects), Kukkusi and Kreevin dialects can be distinguished. (The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire)

Vod, Vot, водский язык, vaďďaa tšeeli, maa tšeeli, vađđa, vadjdjaa, maaceeli, Wotisch, vad'd'alaizet, vod', čudy, Vodian, Votish, Votisch, vodskij jazyk, vadjan keel, vatjan kieli, Vote, Votian,

Uralic, Finnic


ISO 639-3


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