South Saami

[aka Saami (Central-South), Saami (Southern), Same]

Classification: Uralic



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Saami (Central-South), Saami (Southern), Same, Samic, Saamen kieli, Sāme-giellâ, Vefsn, Eteläsaame, Saamí meridional, "Lapon", Sabme, Same, "Lopary", "Lappic", "Lapp", "Lappisk", "Lapin kieli", Saamskij jazyk, "Südlappisch", "Lappish", "Røroslappisk"

Uralic, Saami


ISO 639-3


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The preferred name for this group of languages is Saami. "Lapp" is an outdated term, and is not recommended for use. It is included in the list of alternate names here, for the benefit of those searching for language names referenced in older materials.

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