[aka Darkhan, Darkhad, 達爾扈特]

Classification: Mongolic



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The ISO code [drh] for Darkhat has been retired (http://www-01.sil.org/iso639-3/chg_detail.asp?id=2009-020). However, as suggested by Juha Janhunen (2014, personal communication), Darkhat is still treated as a separate language on ELP since “Darkhat retains features that make it sufficiently distinct from Khalkha and do not allow it to be classified as a regular Khalkha dialect (for instance, northern Khalkha and southern Khalkha). The Darkhat speakers also have an ethnic identity separate from the Khalkha.” (For more details on Darkhat, see Csaba Gáspár 2006).

Darkhan, Darkhad, 達爾扈特, 達爾哈特

Mongolic, Common Mongolic, Eastern Common Mongolic

ISO 639-3

drh (retired)

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