[aka Torwālī, Turvali, Dardu]

Classification: Indo-European




Baseline Survey of the status of Torwali language

Baseline SurveTorwali is an endangered language spoken in Swat-Kohistan, the upper mountainous valley in the famous Swat Valley. It is one of the least known Dardic languages in Pakistan under the sub-group named as Central Kohistani Languages. The number of its speakers is approximately 110,000 living in 04 union councils in the area. There was no working orthography existed before 2007 for Torwali language. A group of local researchers headed by Zubair Torwali began research on the linguistics of Torwali in 2006; and after two years the group was able to develop a working orthography for the Torwali language.y of the status of Torwali language

Zubair Torwali

Bahrain Swat Pakistan

Jan. 1, 2014