[aka Torwālī, Turvali, Dardu]

Classification: Indo-European



Idara Baraye Taleem-o-Taraqi (IBT)

The Idara Baraye Taleem-o-Taraqi (IBT; Institute for Education and Development), is one of the main organizations that drive the revitalization of Torwali, and was founded by Torwali community youth in 2007. The revitalization effort focuses on a holistic, identity-based approach for both language and culture revitalization, and also incorporates other issues such as human rights, climate change, and indigenous knowledge. The IBT has launched advocacy campaigns for language and education rights, designed Torwali educational resources, carried out language documentation projects, and has promoted the expansion of Torwali into more sociocultural domains. Examples of which include cultural festivals, music and poetry, adult literacy and conferences. The revitalization efforts are not without challenges, but can be seen as an ongoing success story that takes a holistic approach in revitalization; not solely focusing on language but rather taking a holistic approach to ensure sustainable linguistic and cultural revitalization. The IBT is also the recipient of the Linguapax International Award 2021. For a more extensive report, see: Syed A. Manan, Liaqat Ali Channa, Khadija Tul-Kubra and Maya Khemlani David. 2021. “Ecological planning towards language revitalization: The Torwali minority language in Pakistan”, International Journal of Applied Linguistics, Vol. 31, Issue 3.

Revitalization domains:
  • Cultural events
  • Documentation efforts
  • Educational materials
  • Preschool
  • Technology and cyberspace

Year Founded: 2007