[aka Tindal, Tindin, тиндийский язык]

Classification: Northeast Caucasian



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The Tindi language belongs to the Andi subgroup of the northwestern group of Dagestan languages (Avar-Ando-Dido). Tindis call their language Idarab mitstsi -- 'the language of the Idar village'. It is closely related to the languages of Chamalal and Bagulal. Two dialects, Tindi and Angida-Aknada, can be distinguished. (The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire)

Tindal, Tindin, тиндийский язык, тиндальский язык, идеринский язык, идаринский язык, идараб мицци, Idarab mittsi,

Northeast Caucasian, Daghestanian, Andic


ISO 639-3


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