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Cultural Constraints on Grammar and Cognition in Piraha

This paper by Daniel Everett explores some of the fascinating features of the Piraha language. <br/> Everett, Daniel 2005. Cultural Constraints on Grammar and Cognition in Pirahã: Another Look at the Design Features of Human Language. Current Anthropology 46:621–646 <br/> This article was found freely in a Google search (http://www1.icsi.berkeley.edu/~kay/Everett.CA.Piraha.pdf) on the webpage of a respectable university and does not require paid access to legitimately use. This indicates to me that it is perfectly acceptable to host on or link to from Endangered Languages. Although I do not own the rights to this article, the public accessibility of it may be taken as authorization from the owner.

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    Miles Huff 4082 days ago

    Just want to clear up some ambiguity (the sidebar lists me as the author): I did NOT in any way shape or form author this paper. This is Daniel Everett's work, and I am simply linking to it from the Piraha page.