[aka Imbak, кетский язык, Yenisei Ostyak]

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"The Ket language belongs to the Ket Assan (Yenisey) group of the Paleo-Asiatic languages. Kott (Kot), Arin, Assan (Asan) also belong to this group but these people have been assimilated by either the Khakass, Evenks or Russians. The Kets are the only living people of the western Paleo-Asiatic group. The generic origin of the language is not clear, but it is assumed that it is related to the Sino-Tibetan or North-Caucasian languages. " - The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire

Imbak, кетский язык, Yenisei Ostyak, Yenisey Ostiak, Imbatski-Ket, Остыганна ӄа’

Yeniseian, Northern Yeniseian

ISO 639-3


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