[aka karjala, карельский язык, Karelian proper]

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Karelian belongs to the North group of the Baltic-Finnic language, with the closest related language being Finnish. Some scholars do not regard Karelian as a separate language at all, but classify it as an eastern dialect of the Finnish language. However, it should be considered a separate language because of its geo-political location within the boundaries of another state. (The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire)

karjala, карельский язык, Karelian proper, Karelisch, carélien, karely, Sobstvenno-Karel'skij-Jazyk, Karely, Karelian Proper, Karel'skiy Jazyk, Severno-Karel'skij, karel΄skij jazyk, karjalan kieli, venäjänkarjalaisten kieli, Russisch-Karelisch, Olonetzisch-Lüdisch, Gárjilgiella

Uralic, Finnic

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ISO 639-3


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