Eastern Alta Mixtec

[aka Yutanduchi Mixtec, Mixteco de Yutanduchi, Mixteco de Yutanduchi ...]

Classification: Otomanguean



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Yutanduchi Mixtec, Mixteco de Yutanduchi, Mixteco de Yutanduchi de Guerrero, Southern Nochixtlan Mixtec, Peñoles Mixtec, Eastern Mixtec, Mixteco de Santa María Peñoles, Tlazoyaltepec Mixtec, Mixteco bajo de Valles, Mixteco de Santiago Tlazoyaltepec, Tidaá Mixtec, Mixteco de San Pedro Tidaá, Mixteco de Tidaá, North Central Nochixtlán Mixtec, Huitepec Mixtec, Mixteco de Huitepec, Mixteco de San Antonio Huitepec, Mixteco de Zaachila, Southeastern Nochixtlán Mixtec, Mixteco de Santo Domingo Nuxaá, Mixteco del Sureste de Nochixtlán, Mitlatongo Mixtec, Mixteco de Mitlatongo, Tamazola Mixtec, Mixteco de San Juan Tamazola, Diuxi-Tilantongo Mixtec, Central Nochistlán Mixtec, Mixteco de Diuxi-Tilantongo, Mixteco del este central, San Miguel Piedras Mixtec, Mixteco de San Miguel Piedras, Sindihui Mixtec

Otomanguean, Mixtecan

ISO 639-3

mab, mil, mqh, mtx, mxs, mxy, vmm, vmx, xtd, xtp, xts

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Note on Mixtec languages: The system of classification adopted here follows the most detailed linguistic survey of Mixtec languages yet undertaken (Josserand 1983). While other sources, such as Ethnologue (18th edition), may include as many as 52 varieties of "Mixtec", the Catalogue of Endangered Languages identifies 12 distinct Mixtec languages.

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