Minhe Monguor

[aka Minhe Mangghuer, Mangghuer, Monguor de Minhe]

Classification: Mongolic



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"Mongghul, or Huzhu Mongghul, is, together with (Minhe) Mangghuer, generally referred to as "Monguor' in the specialist literature. The Chinese nomenclature subsumes the two populations and their languages under the designation Tu or Turen 'Local People', and assigns only dialect status to the two varieties. Linguistically it is, however, clearly a question of two separate languages." (Stefan Georg 2003:286)

Minhe Mangghuer, Mangghuer, Monguor de Minhe, минхэ-монгорский, 民和土家語

Mongolic, Shirongolic, Northern Shirongolic

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Minhe Monguor is listed as a dialect of Tu [mjg] in Ethnologue.

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