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Tai Neua literally means 'northern Tai'. Tai Neua (tdd) in Laos is closely related to Tai Daeng and Phutai. It is often confused with another Southwestern Tai language of the same name spoken in western Lincang (臨滄) and western Pu'er (普洱) of Yunnan Province, China. The China Tai Neua, which has no ISO code for it, is closely related to Dehong Dai and Xishuangbanna Dai (Tai Lue) and is considered a component of the Dai nationality in China. Both Tai Neua (tdd) and the China Tai Neua belong to Southeastern Tai of Tai-Kadai (David Bradley 2014, personal communication).

Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Be-Tai, Tai, Southwest-Central Tai, Southwestern Tai

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