[aka Chulym Tatar, Chulim, Ös til]

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severely endangered

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The language of the Chulym Tatars or the Chulym language belongs to the Turkish-Tatar languages, East-Hun branch, Uighur-Oguz group, subgroup of Khakass. The Chulym language differs from its nearest related languages (Khakass, Shor, Kamas) in various phonetical and grammatical features. Two dialects can be distinguished: Lower-Chulym and Middle-Chulym or Melets, which, in their turn, divide into vernaculars. (The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire)

Chulym Tatar, Chulim, Ös til, Ӧс тили, Чулым, июс тили, татар тили, Chulym-Turkish, Chulym Turkic, Ostiaki, чулымский язык, чулым татар теле, Çulımca, Çulım tili, Çulım Tatar tili, Çulım Türkçesi, Küerik, Tchoulyme, Tšulymin kieli,

Turkic, South Siberian


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