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Pasqua Piana degli Albanesi

Photo collage from Easters of 2011 in Piana degli Albanesi, Italy. Pasqua Piana degli Albanesi. Video di Franco Consales - - -

Franco Consales

Yllbardh Dardani

90037 Piana degli Albanesi Province of Palermo, Italy


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    Paolo Xarena 3701 days ago

    What a beautiful culture !!!

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    florian saliu 3701 days ago

    Both songs are from Chemeria (first is sung from Refat Sulejmani). other Çame song from Refat Sulejmani Chameria (Çameria) south part of Albania taken from Greece in London Conference 1913.

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    florian saliu 3701 days ago

    The first song is called: Song of the bride Refat Sulejmani