[aka Manx Gaelic, Manks, Gaelg]

Classification: Indo-European



Mooinjer Veggey is an educational charity which exists to promote the knowledge and use of Manx Gaelic among young people. Established in 1996, it currently runs Possan Cloie, two Nurseries and supports the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh. Our aim is to provide education with or through the Manx language, giving children the advantages of learning a second language at an early age. Many children throughout the world become bilingual or trilingual in their primary years. The same opportunity is now available for children living in the Isle of Man In other European countries most children who have learned two languages by the age of eight go on to successfully learn other languages. Learning Manx as a second language offers children a unique insight into the heritage of the Isle of Man as well as a link to the growing number of young Gaelic speakers in Ireland and Scotland. At the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh children learn through the medium of the Manx language. The Nurseries have been providing high quality pre-school education for more than 20 years and Manx language and culture is embraced in daily activities. Braddan Nursery St John’s Nursery Possan Cloie provides the opportunity to learn or practice a little bit of Manx with your little ones.

Vasiliki Vita

5 Pretoria Terrace, St Johns, Isle of Man, IM4 3AL

Jan. 1, 2021