[aka CHamoru, Tjamoro, Sprache der Marianen]

Classification: Austronesian



An original 1908 "Chamorro and English Scriptures: Y Cuatro Ebangelio Sija Yan Y Checho Y Apostoles Sija Gui Testamento Nuebo Y Señotta Yan Y Satbadotta Si Jesucristo Yan Y Salmo Sija" is a diglot: Chamorro on the left page, English the right page. Even though one thousand (1000) copies were originally printed, publicly available hard copies are very rare. The 1908 "Chamorro and English Scriptures" is referred to as the "Chamorro Bible" or "1908 Chamorro Bible." In addition to authoritatively documenting the Chamorro Bible's reemergence, contains digital images of a complete, original Chamorro Bible. The Chamorro Bible's Chamorro text is published on the site in various electronic text (e-text) formats. Audio files of portions of the 1908 Chamorro Bible are accessible too. And a rare dictionary, originally published in 1918, is also available at "Dictionary and Grammar of the Chamorro Language of the Island of Guam" by Edward R. von Preissig, Ph.D.