Nyagrong Minyag

[aka Minyag, 新龍木雅語]

Classification: Sino-Tibetan




May All Good Things Gather Here - Life, Religion, and Marriage in a Mi nyag Tibetan Village

This work documents marriage customs and related oral traditions in Bang smad Village, Bang smad Township, Nyag rong County, Dkar mdzes Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. Villagers speak the poorly documented Mi nyag language. This study provides novel linguistic and ethnographic data, including a Mi nyag-English word list, maps showing the distribution of Mi nyag-speaking communities, and numerous full-color photographs of village life and wedding festivities. Of special interest are the transcribed wedding speeches locally given in Mi nyag and Tibetan.

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Bkra shis bzang po

Gerald Roche

Asian Highlands Perspectives