Classification: Mayan




La identidad maya-poqomchi´ guatemalteca en sus manifestaciones espirituales y religiosas*


ABSTRACT | Guatemala is a country of considerable cultural diversity. Among the more than twenty Mayan groups that populate its territory, the Poqomchi´ who inhabit Alta and Baja Verapaz have preserved a great deal of their particular idiosyncrasy inherited from the ancient Maya. The main purpose of this article is to analyze the most important aspects of Poqomchi´ spirituality and religiosity as the legacy of the ancient Maya from whom they descend, as well as a product both of their constant interaction with other Mayan groups and syncretism as a survival mechanism. For this purpose, it is based on systematic participant observation and interviews which have led to conclude that the main features of Poqomchi´ spirituality remain alive even today, although not free from the influence of the peoples with whom they share space.

Victor Gatica

Jan. 1, 2014