Diné Bizaad (Navajo)

[aka Diné Bizaad, Navajo, Navaho]

Classification: Athabaskan-Eyak-Tlingit


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/Navajo Medical Terminology - "The Body Parts"

As a Pharmacist, I'm always an advocate for healthcare providers who work on the reservation and are interested in learning words in Navajo to provide better healthcare to Navajo Indians. This video is sort of a continuation of the video on Navajo Phrases for the Triage Nurse. For interested healthcare professionals or interested student of the Navajo language, here is a video on the basic body parts in the Navajo language. This video is intended to set the foundation for further videos on medical terminology in Navajo, such as pain assessment, talking about disease or disease states, medicine, etc. Here is the words included: English: Navajo: Body Hats'íís or Hatah Head Hatsiists'iin Face Hanii' (vs. haníí' [waist]) Neck Hak'os Throat Hadáyi' Shoulders Hawos Arm Hagaan Elbow Hach'oozhlaa' Wrists Halátsíín Hands Hala' Chest Hajéíts'iin or Hayid Stomach Habid Trunk Hazhi' Back Hwííshgháán Buttocks Hatł'aa' Legs Hajáád Knee Hagod Ankles Hakétsíín Feet Hakee' Skin Hakágí Muscles Hadoh Bones Hats'in Hair Hatsii' If you have any questions on these concepts, let me know & enjoy learning!


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Feb. 3, 2012



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    François LANGOLAND 4262 days ago

    learn Navajo thematic vocabulary : http://babelang.free.fr/community/vocabulary_navajo.php