Diné Bizaad (Navajo)

[aka Diné Bizaad, Navajo, Navaho]

Classification: Athabaskan-Eyak-Tlingit


at risk


Caterpillar Story

Illustrated story that teaches Navajo words for numbers and color narrated totally in the Navajo language

Susie Store

Indigenous Language Institute

Aug. 24, 2012

Indigenous Language Institute

Illustrated story that teaches numbers and colors in Navajo

Susie Store

Copyright Susie Store


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    Indigenous Language Institute 3264 days ago

    To give you more background: This digital story was created by Susie Store in three days at the Ancient Voices, Modern Tools tech training at Indigenous Language Institute (ILI). Ms. Store did all the drawings, learned to use Audacity (for audio input), GIMP (for adding color), MovieMaker for putting them all together. The apps are free and easy to use. ILI philosophy is to empower community language people/teachers/speakers to create their own culturally appropriate materials, and free accessible technology makes this possible.