[aka Ishkashmi, Ishkashim, Eshkashimi]

Classification: Indo-European




Ишкашимский язык

The Ishkashimi language belongs to the eastern Iranian group of Indo-European languages and currently is most endangered among its unwritten sister Pamiri languages. The book gives an overview of short history of Tajik Badakhshan, an unprecedented publication of proze and poetry in the Ishkashimi language, traditions and customs of the Ishkashimi-speaking people, toponymy and archaic vocabulary of the Ishkashimi language. This publication is an attempt for the preservation of the ancient heritage, the talking treasury of ancestors and the sunlight of the tajiks’ Aryan history. It is anticipated that readers particularly the Ishkashimi native-speakers will benefit from the book and contribute to the conservation and advancement of their mother tongue.

Olim Shirinbek