[aka Sena:ya, Christian Neo-Aramaic, Shan Sray]

Classification: Afro-Asiatic




Counting from 1-10 in Senaya

This video teaches the numbers 1-10 in Senaya, illustrated using cats. The text is as follows: Xa - xa qat*uusa Tree - tree qat*waase T*laasa - t*laasa qat*waase &arba - &arba qat*waase Xamsha - xamsha qat*waase &eshta - &eshta qat*waase Showa - showa qat*waase Tmenya - tmenya qat*waase Tesh&a - tesh&a qat*waase &es*ra - &es*ra qat*waase Narrated by Paul Caldani, filmed and edited by Laura McPherson For more information about the Senaya language and other learning materials, visit

Anna Belew