[aka Sonsorolese, Sonsorol-Tobi,]

Classification: Austronesian




Preliminary orthographic design for Ramari Dongosaro

This paper aims at providing a detailed account of a standardisation project currently underway for Ramari Dongosaro, or Sonsorolese (ISO 639-3: sov), an endangered language spoken by less than 400 speakers (Eberhard, Simons & Fennig 2021) in the Republic of Palau. The purpose of this paper is to function as a record of the project, providing a preliminary phonological analysis, along with recommendations for an alphabet for Sonsorolese and potential applications of it. Finally, with this paper, we aim to gain input and feedback from Micronesian languages specialists and linguists specialising in standardisation.

Vasiliki Vita

SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics, 20

Jan. 1, 2021