South Saami

[aka Saami (Central-South), Saami (Southern), Same]

Classification: Uralic




Veasoejorksh (The Whisperers, pilot film)

David Kinsella Productions AS presents their new film project for 2009-2013. The Whisperers (Veasoejorksh) film will be full length feature documentary/ Fiction film that documents the life of 14 year old Ellen Sara with her South Sami culture, reindeer, forefathers and ghosts which are part of their everyday lives. There are as few as 200 people in the world who still speak the language. In the South Sami world they have 8 seasons rather than 4. Climate changes are crippling their way of life. South Sami is the third official language of Norway, South Sami has been placed by UNESCO on its " highly endangered" list of world languages as it faces imminent extinction.

David Kinsella Productions AS

Suorbmasiid Gonagas

Hattfjelldal, Norway