Lower Silesian

[aka Silesian, Lower Schlesisch, Silesian, Lower]

Classification: Indo-European




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It is a language from Upper Silesia which is a part of Poland and the Czech Republic; it's vulnerable and might disappear before the end of the century. It is known as the Silesian language (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silesian_language) and has existed next to the one you provide information about (http://www.endangeredlanguages.com/lang/5386?hl=en) for a few centuries. Please note that the Germanic Silesian has been always used mainly in Lower Silesia and the Slavic Silesian has been the main language of the Upper Silesians. Upper Silesian language metadata: ALSO KNOWN AS: ślōnski, ślōnskŏ gŏdka, ślōnskŏ mŏwa, język śląski, śląski, dialekt śląski, Upper Silesian, Silesian, Wasserpolnisch, Schlesisch, Schlonsakisch, slezská nářečí, slezština. CLASSIFICATION: Indo-European > Balto-Slavic > Slavic > West Slavic > Lechitic > Silesian http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4f/IndoEuropeanTree.svg) ISO 639-3: szl NATIVE SPEAKERS: 56 000 declared Silesian as their mother languag

richi ficht

richi ficht

Moers, Deutschland


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    Computer Fix 4408 days ago

    Hello! I am sorry but the "submit sample" button does not work for me. So, here is a sample of a silesian. This video is representative of the language. The performer sings in Silesian about riding his moped to work. Enjoy: http://youtu.be/32xLh-_ioFM

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    Étienne Beaulé 4344 days ago

    To have it submitted, we need the rights to the video.