Lower Silesian

[aka Silesian, Lower Schlesisch, Silesian, Lower]

Classification: Indo-European




Ojgyn z Pnioków

The Ojgyn z Pnioków i Radio Piekary saturday programme hosted by Eugeniusz Kosmala. The show is broadcast over the internet by YouTube and other websites free of charge and available for anyone interested. Ojgyn z Pnioków programme is made full in Silesial language which is hard to understand even for the locals, because of the lack of Silesian language education. Most of the locals use Silesian slang which is different than the actual language sometimes still in use (mostly by the elders).

Radio Piekary

Szymon Nowicki

Piekary Śląskie, Poland


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    Bartosz Świtalski 4267 days ago

    I'd like to point out that provided sample is in Slavic Silesian not in Germaic Silesian. They are spearate languages that existed side by side in Silesia. The whole site mixes information about Schlesisch (German, ex. clasification) and Slounski (Slavic, ex. source of location information)