[aka Jibbālī, Shehri, Śḥeri]

Classification: Afro-Asiatic




Proverbs in the AL shahri language الأمثال الشعبية في اللغة الشحرية

Proverbs: Language comes easy goes smoothly, his most concise, eloquent in common use, Etwarthha back for advances. The summary of Proverbs experience and expertise of the nation lives of the people, describing much of life and pain, and psychological manifestations of profound dimensions. Al shahri language and the language is written which makes what is in the hands of native speakers only source for the article. Have kept speaking in Dhofar Baahria their customs, and traditions, and Tnagulwha behind the predecessor to the present day

Ali Al shahri علي الشحري

alshahri alshahri