Sinte Romani

[aka Romani, Sinte, Romany, Manuche]

Classification: Indo-European


at risk


Recognising Difference: The Romani 'Gypsy' Child Socialisation and Education Process

is considerable conflict between Romani Gypsy child socialisation and education processes and mainstream education practices. In Romani communities children are encouraged to show initiative and independence at an early age. They learn by participating in the communities' economic activities and observing adult verbal and non-verbal communication skills. In mainstream education, by comparison, they learn in an enclosed classroom where they are rarely able to initiate or create their own learning experiences. Due to the increasing demands of industrialised societies, literacy is vital for Romani people. However, education systems are at present failing to meet the needs of these children. Structural inequalities such as poverty and racism, coupled with differing viewpoints on the benefits of education, continue to contribute to the low participation rates of Romani children in mainstream schools

Carly Vanzino

British Journal of Sociology of Education, Vol. 18, No. 2 (1997), pp. 243-256

Jan. 1, 1997