[aka Lua', East Pua Pray, Pray 2]

Classification: Austro-Asiatic



This link will connect you to David Filbeck’s article; “On */r/ in T’in.” Filbeck’s article identifies one of the difficulties that is associated with the task of constructing a list of the Lua’/Pray phonemes. The article contains a number of different charts, which provide different dialectical instances in which the /r/ phoneme is used, and the charts provide a basis on which the reader is able to identify a restricted use of the /r/ phoneme. Certain dialects of the Lua’/Pray language seem to exhibit a restriction in the positioning of the /r/ phoneme within the structure of a word. Therefore, it is difficult to establish a list of the Lua’/Pray phonemes, because the many dialectical variations of the language do not cohere in regard to the phonemes that the language is constructed of.



Jan. 1, 1976