[aka Surma, Shuri, Churi]

Classification: Surmic




Suri / Surma of - Ethiopia Amazing Stick fighting

This portion of the film discusses the cattle culture. You have the opportunity to hear the language spoken amongst the Suri as well. "Cattle are enormously important to the Suri. They bring status; when two Suri meet they'll ask each other how many cows they have. Cows are a store of wealth to be traded, and a source of milk and blood. Bleeding a cow is more efficient than slaughtering it for meat, and blood can be drawn during the dry season when there's less milk. An animal can be bled once a month, from the jugular. The animals aren't generally sold or killed for meat, though they are slaughtered for certain ceremonies. They are treated with reverence. Fires are lit to keep them warm and to protect against insect bites, they are covered with ash. Every boy is given a young bull to look after, and his friends call him the name of his bull. The Suri sing songs in praise of their cattle, and mourn them when they die."

Rutgers University


March 22, 2009