[aka Nahuat, Nawat, Nahuate]

Classification: Uto-Aztecan


critically endangered



Part of an interview (IRIN, Nahuizalco, 2006) in which Luciano Nolasco, one of the last speakers left in Nahuizalco, talks in Nawat to Paula López (from Sto. Domingo de Guzmán) about why his children do not speak Nawat. The same passage is given twice in the clip, with Nawat and Spanish subtitles respectively. See the YouTube page for credits. Selected clips (twelve to date) are presented in this format in MUKAKI, an audiovisual study package by Alan King available on-line at http://alanrking.info/mukaki.php . Language notes and a transcript of this clip are at http://alanrking.info/MUKAKI-A05.php

IRIN - Te Miki Tay Tupal

Alan King

Nahuizalco, El Salvador