[aka Nahuat, Nawat, Nahuate]

Classification: Uto-Aztecan


critically endangered


Tajtaketza pal Ijtzalku

Textos de Leonhard Schultze Jena transcritos por Alan R. King a la ortografía estandar del Nahuat. Contiene historias y leyendas Pipiles del año 1930 de la región de los Izalcos.

Leonhard Schultze Jena

hector castaneda

Izalco, El Salvador


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    Alan King 4175 days ago

    This is the most important text by far in the Nawat (or "Pipil") corpus, on account of its size, quality, date and place of origin, and content. Although it has seen several editions, it has still been insufficiently studied and constitutes a storehouse of linguistic and ethnographical data. This is a monolingual (Nawat) version, with an introduction and notes in Spanish and study questions in Nawat, intended for general (Nawat-speaking) readers and advanced students. For more information please see the preface and introduction.

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    Alan King 4175 days ago

    By the way, there is currently an on-line "reading club" in Facebook, made up of intermediate-to-advanced language students, who are working their way through the book chapter by chapter, sharing ideas and helping each other to understand the material both linguistically and culturally. Anyone is welcome to join in; search for the group Timumachti Nuwan on Facebook. Our discussions take place partly in Spanish and partly in Nawat!

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    Alan King 4175 days ago

    Finally, with regard to the bibliography of OTHER editions, commentaries and translations of this text, in addition to those discussed in the Introduction to the version here presented, see also: Leonhard Schultze Jena, *Mitos en la lengua materna de los pipiles de Izalco en El Salvador. Traductor e intérprete: Rafael Lara-Martínez. Editorial Universidad Don Bosco, 2010. ISBN 978-99923-50-24-9. This was not referenced in the Introduction because my version was completed in 2006.