[aka Nahuat, Nawat, Nahuate]

Classification: Uto-Aztecan


critically endangered


Léxico de Náhuat Básico

A vocabulary of high-frequency words in Nawat, with grammatical indications, dialect variants, corpus-based examples of use, collocations etc., in a downloadable electronic dictionary format (Lexique Pro). Derived words are grouped with the primary lexical bases of which about 600 are listed, with Spanish glosses; various search strategies are supported. Modern "IRIN" spelling is used. Intended as a tool to facilitate language study and research and as an early step towards a full Nawat dictionary, the version offered here is based on a text version of the same material first compiled by ARK in 2004, and reflects the Nawat corpus available at that time. The primary headwords chosen for inclusion were those of medium-to-high frequency (ten occurrences or more) in that corpus, including derived words in this count. For more information see alanrking.info/lexico.php from where it may also be downloaded. Installation: Download the file and double-click to install on your computer.

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Alan King

Alan King