Mao of Bambeshi

[aka Bambassi, Bambeshi, Siggoyo]

Classification: Afro-Asiatic



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Bambassi, Bambeshi, Siggoyo, Amam, Fadiro, Northern Mao, Didessa, Mao of Diddesa, Bambessi Mao, Didessa Mao

Afro-Asiatic, Omotic, Mao

ISO 639-3


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"Northern Mao, also known by the toponyms Bambassi and Diddesa, is one of the least documented Omotic languages (Bender 2000:180). A Mao language of the Omotic family, a subclass of the Afroasiatic phylum (Bender 1985; 2000; 2003; Hayward 2000), the language is spoken by an estimated 5,000 speakers (Siebert et al. 1993)"

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