[aka Aniula, Anjula, Anula]

Classification: Pama-Nyungan


severely endangered


The Sea Turtle and the Osprey (Wundanyuka kulu Jujuju) (2011)

The Dreaming for the Sea Turtle & the Osprey (Wundanyuka kulu Jujuju) belongs to the Wurdalia clan. The Osprey lands at Rrawali in the west and leaves for Mindarra on West Island, where he encounters the Sea Turtle Dreaming. Covetous of his country, he chases the Sea Turtles for kilometres from island to island, killing many of them along the way. The Osprey’s pursuit of the Sea Turtles thus sculpts the form of the landscapes from West Island to Watson Island to the tip of North Island. PROVIDED BY: Yanyuwa families RIGHTS: IP and Copyright Yanyuwa families

ELCat Team at Eastern Michigan University

South West Gulf of Carpentaria

Jan. 1, 2011