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Excerpt from "Post-Verbal subject in the Nzadi relative clause"

This is an excerpt from an article that discusses different Bantu languages. The excerpt shows a parallel between affirmative and negative pairs. Abstract: This paper addresses a curious condition on non-subject relative clauses (NSRCs) in Nzadi, a previously unstudied B. 80 Bantu language spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While a number of other Bantu languages allow or require the subject of an NSRC to occur after the verb, what makes Nzadi different from these languages is that when the full noun phrase subject optionally occurs before the verb, the verb must be followed by a co-referential pronominal recapitulative pronoun ('the child that the woman saw she'). The present study documents this phenomenon in some detail and draws parallels with recapitulative post-verbal subject pronouns in both NSRCs and negative constructions in other Bantu languages.

Hira A.

Jan. 1, 2012


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    Hira A. 3308 days ago

    Reference: Hyman, L. M. (2012). Post-Verbal subject in the Nzadi relative clause. Journal Of African Languages & Linguistics, 33(1), 97-117. doi:10.1515/jall-2012-0004