Western Gurung

[aka Gurung, Tamu Kyi, Gurnung]

Classification: Sino-Tibetan



This discourse comes from Mr. Bupa Jung Gurung, of Tace village, Manang, Nepal. Mr. Gurung is from Tace village and was 38 years old at the time of this recording. This discourse was recorded on 25 July on the roof-top of his home. Mr. Gurung in this video describes some of the local agriculture products found in Tace and the area, and what they are used for. He also describes some of the scenery. Dr. Dubi Nanda Dhakal holds the microphone, and Dr. Shunfu Hu recorded the video. The video was recorded on a Sony HD camera, in stereo with a Shure omnidirectional microphone. Ms. Cassidy Jacobson, a student at SIUE, created the sub-titles. In this video, the Nepali language (in Devanagari font) has also been included in the sub-titles. We used Microsoft Video Editor, which, unlike Corel, allowed for multiple fonts.

Shunfu Hu

Kristine Hildebrandt

Manang 33500, Nepal

Nov. 5, 2013

Bupa Jung Gurung

Kristine A. Hildebrandt

Kristine A. Hildebrandt

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