[aka Bukharian, Bukhari, Bukharin]

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Comparison of Bukharian and other Persian languages

The Persian language has many different dialects. The Bukhori dialect (бухорӣ / בוכארי), which is also known as Bukharian, is a Jewish dialect of the Tajik variety spoken by Bukharian Jews. Can Persian speakers from Iran and Afghanistan understand it? In this episode, Bobby is representing Bukhori. Naghmeh and Dina are the Iranian Persian speakers, with Dina having been born and raised in Kuwait, and Azarakhsh is the Persian speaker from Afghanistan. گویش بخاری (یا بخارایی) گویشی از زبان فارسی است که در میان یهودیان آسیای میانه کاربرد دارد. آیا مردم ایران و افغانستان این گویش را متوجه میشوند؟ Bukharan Jews, or Bukharian, is a term referring to the Persian-speaking ethno-religious Jewish group of Central Asia. The name "Bukharan" was coined by foreigners in reference to the former Central Asian Emirate of Bukhara, and its predecessor, the Khanate of Bukhara. They natively called themselves "Isro'il" (Israelites). Although the Bukhori dialect contains many Hebrew loanwords, along with some Uzbek and Russian, the base of it comes from Classical Persian, making it sound very poetic. Historically, Bukhori was written using the Hebrew script but in the 20th century the Latin script was adopted and later on due to the influence of the Soviet Union, the Cyrillic script, with a spelling system originating from Talmudic orthography. In recent times, many Bukharian Jews in the West have began using a modified Latin script similar to the one developed by Bukharian Jewish linguist and writer, Yakub Kalontarov, in the process of reviving Bukhori.

Kate Dalgleish