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Village Poet Vafs

Poem recited by a poet from Vafs

alex ali

Vafs, Iran

Aug. 26, 2012


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    MohammadReza Zolfaghari 3706 days ago

    Hi Dear Alex Ali, I am mohammadreza zolfaghari (graduated M.Sc student in computer science) from Sharif University of Technology. My mother tongue is Vafsi (Gurchani). I see above video clip!! Unfortunately this video is in persian language not in vafsi language!!Indeed, the peom is in persian and the man read that with persian language (It's worth noting that the vafs/gurchan people speak persian as well as vafsi/gurchani ). Please remove this video and upload a related video! If you want I would like to help you and provide some videos from local poeple. Also, I tried to create a page in facebook about Tati language with focus on vafs/gurchani language. You can find my page in the following link: My email: mohamadreza.zolfaghari [at] gmail [dot] com Best regards,

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    MohammadReza Zolfaghari 3706 days ago

    You can find a good documentary about vafsi/gurchani language produced by Iranian TV: