[aka Ladino, Dolomite, Rhaeto-Romance]

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Bon Nadàl

Christmas wishes sent to the my local web social network in Cadore in 2011

Alessandro Da Cortà

Alessandro Da Cortà


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    Alessandro Da Cortà 4378 days ago

    This was written recently, my language has been "corrupted" by Higher level education, still it represents a sample of the local language currently spoken.

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    François LANGOLAND 4377 days ago

    learn Ladin thematic vocabulary :

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    Luca Verginer 4300 days ago

    Considering that there is no "standard language" and the efforts to unify Ladin have been less than unsuccessful, I would still argue that "Bon Nadàl" is not a representative sample of the Ladin vocabulary. It is a geographically very specific pronunciation.