[aka rānda kēļ, Liv, Liivõ Keelj]

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Livonian-Estonian-Latvian Dictionary

Livonian-Estonian-Latvian Dictionary (2012). The dictionary was compiled by Tiit-Rein Viitso, the emeritus professor at the University of Tartu, and the researcher at the University of Tartu Dr.phil. Valts Ernštreits. The language materials had been collected already from 1976. Latvia is the country where this dictionary was prepared and published – it is unique because the previous two dictionaries were published elsewhere – in Russia (1861) and in Finland (1938). Moreover, this is the first dictionary reflecting the Livonian literary language, while the previous two were based on Livonian dialects.

Livonian Institute

Riga, Latvia

Jan. 1, 2012