[aka Parakanân, Parocana, Awaeté]

Classification: Tupian



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Parakanân, Parocana, Awaeté, Paracana, Paracanã, Apiteréwa, Akwawa, Akuawa, Parakaná, Asurí, Mudjetire, Suru do Tocantins,

Tupian, Tupi-Guaranian, Tupi

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ISO 639-3


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The names and classification is somewhat confused. Asuriní do Tocantins, Parakanã, and Akwawa are now considered dialects of a single language, but sometimes are distinguished as separate languages. Ethnologue distinguishes Parakanã [pak] and Asurini, Tocantins [asu] as distinct members of the "Akwáwa subgroup".

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