[aka Albura, Alpira, Alpiri]

Classification: Pama-Nyungan



"Ngurra-kurlu is a representation of the five key elements of Warlpiri culture: Land (also called Country), Law, Language, Ceremony, and skin (also called Kinship). It is a concept that highlights the primary relationships between these elements, while also creating an awareness of their deeper complexities. Understanding ngurra-kurlu has many benefits for Warlpiri and also for those who work with them. It can be thought of as : a template for the whole of Warlpiri culture ; an efficient pedagogy (way of teaching) ; a process for building identity and self esteem ; a way of looking after the health of people and the health of country ; a framework to create successful projects that are relevant to Warlpiri people. While ngurra-kurlu is grounded in Warlpiri culture, there are similar structures in many Australian Aboriginal groups and therefore the ideas in this paper are likely to be applicable beyond Warlpiri Country."-- p. 6.

Denton Bowles

Alice Springs, N.T

Jan. 1, 2008