[aka Darling, Darling River Language, Kula]

Classification: Pama-Nyungan


critically endangered


Learning Paakantyi with Isobel Bennett

Isobel Bennett grew up on the Menindee Mission in the 1930s, where the Paakantyi language was being spoken. Paakantyi is the language of the Aboriginal people of the far west of NSW, Australia. However, she was taken away from Menindee by the Catholic Church in 1945. Now she's back in Menindee and wants to learn her people's language again. Kayleen Kerwin and the Paakantyi language class at Menindee Central School meet with her weekly at the home. The school has also made an iPad app which teaches the Paakantyi language. It was developed by teacher, Jonathan Smith, with Kayleen's voice. It is available from the apps store. This is a report for the ABC's 'AM' program, Margaret Paul reporting.

Robert Lindsay