[aka Ramari Hatohobei, Hatohobeian, Tobi]

Classification: Austronesian


severely endangered


Teaching Eve my language #Tobian

My daughter was born in the United States. She speaks English and understands a little Khmer(Cambodian). I was never consistent in speaking to her in my language so she never fully learned Tobian. Tobian is a language from the state of Tobi (Hatohobei) in Palau. It is a language of Carolinian descent. This is an attempt to teach her a few words in my language. Tobian is my father's language. Pulo Annese is my mother's language. They are very much alike, with a little difference (dialect). #hilife #lifewithbrad #micronesian Links: A website about the people and island of Tobi, locally known as Hatohobei. It is one of 16 states of Palau.

Vasiliki Vita

Jan. 1, 2019