[aka karjala, карельский язык, Karelian proper]

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Yle Uudizet karjalakse / Yle News in Karelian


Weekly news radio broadcasts and regular news articles in Northern Karelian dialect. News article about the launch of the service: http://yle.fi/uutiset/karelian_news_service_begins_at_yle/7835163. Еженедельные передачи по радио и частные статьи на северном диалекте карельского языка.

Bryn Hauk

Karelian Language Society

Yle Pohjois-Karjala


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    Valentina L 2018 days ago

    The link does not work - 404

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    Bryn Hauk 2018 days ago

    Thanks for pointing that out. It looks like Yle discontinued their Karelian radio. I'm going to leave this record here for posterity (unless I can find a link where they moved the radio broadcasts to).