[aka Anbara, Anbarra, Barara]

Classification: Maningrida




Documenting Burarra dialectal variation within the multilingual ecology of north-central Arnhem Land


Speakers of Burarra (north-central Arnhem Land) identity four dialects of their language, but much variation that distinguishes them survives predominantly in older speakers, outside of the urban centre, Maningrida. This project will produce a stratified corpus of naturalistic language use across a range of genres from speakers across the Burarra region, and will gather rich data about multilingual practices and language ideologies. As well as providing a significant record of cultural, mythological and local territorial knowledge, the project’s fundamental focus on dialectal and other variation will enhance our understandings of the linguistic construction of difference in a highly multilingual context.

Vasiliki Vita


Jan. 1, 2019