[aka Cocama, Kokama, Kukama-Kukamiria]

Classification: Tupian


critically endangered

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Cocama, Kokama, Kukama-Kukamiria, Ucayali, Xibitoana, Huallaga, Pampadeque, Pandequebo, Xibitaona, Kokama-Kokamilya, Kokáma-Omágwa, Kukama Kukamiria, Cocama Cocamilla

Tupian, Tupi-Guaranian, Tupi

ISO 639-3


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Cabral (2007:375) argues that Kokáma/Omágwa (Cocama-Omagua) is not a Tupí-Guaranían language, that it cannot be classified at all, and is rather a mixed language to which at least four different languages contributed, though “most of the basic vocabulary of Kokáma/Omágwa is of Tupí-Guaraní[an] origin.”

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