[aka Uanana, Ananas, Wanana]

Classification: Tucanoan



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Uanana, Ananas, Wanana, Wanâna, Wanano, Anana, Kótedia, Kótirya, Uanano, Kotiria, Guanano, Kotedia, Wanana-Pirá, Piratapuyo, Waikena, Kotiria, Wanana, Wanano-Piratapuyo

Tucanoan, Eastern Tucanoan

ISO 639-3


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Ethnologue (2009) says Piratapuyo is close to Wanano linguistically (99%% lexical similarity) but ethnically distinct; the two groups do not intermarry. Ethnologue (2013) says Piratapuyo is reportedly similar to Guanano (Wanano) [gvc] but ethnically distinct, and that there is 75% intelligibility with Guanano (1992 N. Waltz).
Campbell (2012:108) and Kaufman (2007: 68) lists Wanano and Piratapuyo as a single language.

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